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Carretera de Logroño, 16. 26330 Briones. La Rioja / Teléfono: 941.322.263 / Fax: 941.322.294 / info@miguelmerino.com

The village of Briones is located on a hill overlooking the Ebro River, 35 km northwest of Logroño, between the mountain ranges of La Demanda and Cantabria. Terraces and vineyards extend around. The city, built mainly in stone and with a strong medieval character, has been declared a town of Historic and Artistic interest. The old Arabic castle, the ancient surrounding walls, the palaces and the magnificent XVI Century church are the most interesting places in this small town of around 850 people.


History. Its name comes from the Berones, the Celtic civilization that lived in these lands before the Romans arrived to Spain. The Arabs, who named this place "Velez Assikia" (Land of Streams), developed the cultivation and irrigation techniques of Briones until 923, when La Rioja was integrated into the Kingdom of Navarra. At the beginning of the X Century Briones became the border between the Kingdoms of Castilla and Navarra. In 1256, King Alfonso X granted Briones with fueros (charters that were given by Spanish monarchs in the middle Ages and which established their rights and obligations, as well as their privileges). The Dukes of Osuna kept their jurisdiction over the village until 1837, when Briones was declared a royal town.


Briones and wine. For hundreds of years, the majority of the best grapes of Briones were sold to the most prestigious wineries of

 Haro to make their best Reservas. The local growers retained a small part of the harvest for their own use. This explains why until recently Briones was little known. In recent years some wineries, Bodega Miguel Merino amongst them, have decided to locate in Briones to take advantage of its excellent conditions for making wines of the highest quality.


Jornadas Medievales. The whole town goes Medieval in the third weekend of June. Check everything at www.brionesmedieval.com





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