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Carretera de Logroño, 16. 26330 Briones. La Rioja / Teléfono: 941.322.263 / Fax: 941.322.294 / info@miguelmerino.com

Come and visit one of the smallest wineries in Rioja. Our size allows us to keep a close control of every single step of the making and ageing of our wines. You will have the chance to see the grape sorting table, the wine making area, the cask cellar, and our small experimental vineyard. And we will taste together some of our wines. You will also have the opportunity to walk through the village of Briones, declared an historic-artistic monument, and one of the prettiest towns in La Rioja. As we are a small family winery, it is absolutely essential to make an appointment to visit, so that we are ready to receive you.


How to find us. On the AP-68 Highway: take exit 09 (Haro) if you are driving towards Logroño, or take exit 10 (Cenicero) if towards Bilbao. Once in the road N-232 take the exit for Briones and follow signs for ‘Casco Urbano’ (town center). Then follow specific signs for Bodega Miguel Merino.


  • We can only offer a guided tour to our visitors with PRIOR APPOINTMENT.
  • We welcome solo travellers and also small groups..
  • Big groups will be offered a reduced rate.
  • Should you prefer to have a private tour, then an additional fee will be charged.
  • We don’t have scheduled guided tours at any given hour, however 10am and 12am usually suit us and we will do our best to help you if you are not available on the mentioned hours.
  • E-mail: visitas@miguelmerino.com
  • Phone: (+34) 689 384 566.