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All the grapes are hand picked and transported in small crates so that they arrive to the winery in the best conditions. Once there, all the bunches are checked again in the sorting table.


Once the grapes are de-stalked, they are sent to the fermentation vats through a peristaltic system. The alcoholic fermentation will take around two weeks at a controlled temperature. The grape skins are left in contact with the wine for the whole of this period to maximize colour and aromas, with frequent remontages (pumping over).


Then the wine is racked into barrels and taken to the malolactic fermentation room, which we maintain at 19ºC. so that this second fermentation will start spontaneously.  Once this second fermentation is completed, the wine —already clarified— will be aged in American and French oak barrels. The maturation in oak will last as long as each vintage requires, usually between ten and thirty months, depending also on the style we follow for each brand.


The wine will then be bottled and left to rest and develop for at least two years in the nearly 40,000 bottles that we fill every year.